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Steve and his crew went above and beyond to make sure that our punch list was completed timely while we were there and that we were happy with everything!.
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City announces architectural awards

Oct 04, 2015

By Seaborn Larson, The Daily Inter Lake

The City of Kalispell on Monday will recognize the best architecture completed within the city over the past two years.

The Kalispell Architectural Review Committee has selected four recipients for its annual awards program. Projects selected for the awards were developed in 2013 and 2014.

“A lot of what they looked at was overall appearance, trying to bring the entire site together by incorporating the landscape, parking design and signage with the building and its surroundings,” Kalispell Planner P.J. Sorensen said.

The review committee looked at projects across a two-year time frame. There are three general categories, but the review committee looked for four projects that caught their eye within that timeframe.

Kalispell Kidds Pediatric Dentistry at 1252 North Meridian was selected as the best newly constructed building. The building features stonework around the building’s exterior, with wood trim framing each facade. The dental office also has two front doors; a swinging glass door and a short, red wooden door meant for children, to add a safe, fun environment.

“The small red door, where children can walk in and out makes it stand out quite a bit,” Sorensen said.

The architecture was completed by Jackola Engineering and Architecture of Kalispell. Hammerquist Casalegno LLC, of Kalispell, completed construction within the last year.

Three Rivers Bank at 233 East Idaho St. was selected for the best addition for the construction work done to the back of the building, seamlessly linking to the existing facade. The stonework is complemented by a wall of windows adjacent to the front door, welcoming customers from the back of the building.

“When looking at remodels for the awards, they’re looking at how well the addition blends into the original,” Sorensen said. “They did a really good job of bringing that together.”

Several years ago, Sorensen said, the bank had an aged style and was modernized after a few different projects. The newest addition was the only project on the bank considered for the award.

CTA Architects Engineers of Kalispell designed the addition, while Hammerquist Casalegno led the construction.

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Click here to view project details for Three Rivers Bank on Hammerquist Casalegno's Website

Flathead students build home, skills in new class

Sep 13, 2015

By: Taylor Winkel- KCFW

NBC Montana

KALISPELL, Mont. - It's the third day of school for kids at Flathead High and one group of students is already knee-deep in their education.

Excavation began Thursday on an 1,800-square-foot home that students in the Flathead High School construction class are building. The property is on Corporate Drive in Kalispell.

While most high school courses focus on prepping kids for college, this class helps students develop skills so they can go straight into the work force after they graduate.

Flathead High teacher Brock Anderson says the program is especially helpful for kids who exceed in hands-on learning.

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Click here to see project details on our Hammerquist Casalego Website

Ground Breaking on September 1st, 2015

Aug 14, 2015

By Ty Shanks, Western Building Center

Flathead High School has partnered with Western Building Center, Glacier Bank and Hammerquist and Casalegno to create a program for students to learn the construction trade. This partnership has evolved from the industries direct need for Middle-Skilled workforce.

According to the latest stats from 2012, 53% of all jobs in Montana are classified as Middle-Skilled. Between 2012 and 2022 50% of all job openings will be for Middle-Skilled workers. It is our mission to give the students of Flathead School Districts an advantage of learning valuable skill sets to give them a boost in the growing Middle-Skilled workforce.

Our Program will focus on those students who may choose to enter the workforce without the advantage of higher education. As our program continues year to year we will have a graduating class of students who have been trained in the growing construction industry. The combination of classroom learning as well as direct hands on training will prepare many young adults for the future employment in the growing Middle-Skilled workforce.

Flathead School District 5 has embraced the program and encircled it with direct funding of faculty, books, and teaching aids to focus on the development of the student carpenter. As the students break ground for construction, a group of private industry businesses have been preparing the lot, the building materials and the financing for the student built home. We have partnered with subcontractors who are prepared to lead the young men and women through the entire construction process.

The Flathead High School Construction Class will begin construction on the home September 1st, 2015 with a groundbreaking ceremony at 10:30 am. The jobsite will be 663 Corporate Drive. They will be bulding a 1800 SF 2 story home.

Find out more about the Project, by checking out their website below:


BIMForum Seminar in Spring of 2015

May 05, 2015

On April 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th of 2015, Hammerquist Casalegno attended Unit 1 & 2 BIM Education Program Courses and the spring BIMFORUM held in San Diego, California. You may ask… “What is BIM… and what is BIMFORUM”?

AGC of America defines BIM (Building Information Modeling) as “The process of generating and managing a Building Information Model through the use of three-dimensional, intelligent design information. BIM is driving the commercial construction industry away from a 2D-based process toward a model-based process that encourages across-the-board collaboration from owners, designers, general contractors and all the specialty trades with the goal of delivering safer, more productive projects on time and within budget with a final building that offers a sustainable environment for its users.

The BIMforum’s mission is to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of building information modeling (BIM) in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. We will lead by example and synchronize with counterparts in all sectors of the industry to jointly develop best practice for virtual design and construction (VDC). We will share our experiences and execute our goals via online forums, highly useful deliverables and practical industry conferences. We will revolutionize the building industry.” –“About // BIMForum.” BIMforum. Web. 18 June 2015.

Over the past decade, Hammerquist Casalegno has monitored BIM and BIMFORUM’s progress assessing the practicality, applicability, and value for projects we deliver here in NW Montana. With three-dimensional modeling being key to the modern BIM movement, local designers have been challenged with having to rethink their standard of care and traditionally 2-D deliverables. These deliverable and standard-of-care challenges translate directly to us as construction managers, contractors, specialty sub-contractors, and vendors alike. Recognizing that local A/E firms are increasingly showing interest to transition from 2-D toward three-dimensional model based drawings, Hammerquist Casalegno attended AGC’s Unit 1 and Unit 2 BIM training classes at the 2015 Spring BIMFORUM.

What we learned is that the transition toward three-dimensional models and BIM in our local region will continue… but will take time. While a full transition is inevitable, the figuratively smaller projects in NW Montana have been challenged to fund BIM on many of the projects over the past decade. Many in the Client and Owner community continue to evaluate BIM and assess the potential benefits to them and their projects.

BIM is first and foremost, a collaborative process and not software you buy off-the-shelf or download from the Internet. Hammerquist Casalegno’s reputation of being a disciplined and process-centric General Contractor-Construction Manager, makes us uniquely qualified to assess how three-dimensional BIM collaboration with designers, specialty sub-contractors and Vendors can benefit you as Clients and Owners of projects here in NW Montana.

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Columbia Falls Company To Use Recycled Glass In a Unique Way

Feb 25, 2015

by Alli Friedman, KCFW Reporter

A company in Columbia Falls is taking recycling to a new level. They hope to use recycled glass for the flooring of a transportation garage.Glacier National Park Lodges, operated by Xanterra, is building a site to house the red tour buses that go through the park in the summer. They want to get enough recycled glass to use it in the foundation. "To incorporate the best mix design we need about 70 thousand pounds of it," said Matt Folz, Director of Sustainability for Xanterra. Folz says the 70,000 pounds of glass will be used on the floor of the garage where the red buses will be housed. He wants to use the glass instead of using a cement mix. Taking glass and putting it back into our projects, it eliminates the need for cement mix and also just provides a commodity value to the glass," said Folz. The company is partnering with New World Recycling to make it happen. watch the newscast

Steve and his crew went above and beyond to make sure that our punch list was completed timely while we were there and that we were happy with everything!.
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